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yetti manuel

What is Yetti
Yetti is an automated trading algorithm, which is a universal advisor that
trades on various time frames, mainly on selected templates.
Trading is carried out on ready-made sets from developers (in the version3.0 development
sets will be available for testers);
Built-in Trailing STOP system;
It is possible to adjust the dynamic step for boost
survival of the adviser during a protracted trend in the presence of a large
trading volume;
Variety of security options (news filter, partial
position hedging, stops, profit limit per day, auto-drying, etc.) allow you to
customize the algorithm for any type of trading;
Customizable locker with the ability to select the percentage of locking and
crushing loka;
Flexible position entry filters and multiple escort and
closing orders.
User-friendly interface displaying spread, TP lines and enable lines
InYetti has built-in protection and position recalculation function, which protects
advisor from a set of extra orders during terminal reboots, VPS, a long
absence of communication between the VPS and the server, a ban on
opening an order by the broker, and so on.
The profitability of the algorithm depends on the settings. The average return on the optimal
set is 12-25% per month, on the conservative one 5-15%, on the aggressive one from 30 to
150% per month.
Ideal for overclocking a deposit and for connoisseurs of aggressive
Requires understanding and competent management!
Pro-Cent / Cent / Cent-NDD for deposits up to $10,000.
ECN – for deposits over $10,000
Leverage is recommended 1 to 1000.
Time frame: according to the set
By default, there is no minimum amount. The amount of the minimum deposit
depends on the selected settings.
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
GodSet type setting:
High volume set with close take profit
Minimum amount 250$
Trading lot with a minimum amount of 0.02
m5 conserva type setting:
A set designed for a movement of 200-380 points is considered optimal for
the daily market.
The minimum amount is $100 for one pair. Trading goes on EURUSD and
USDCHF. When using two pairs at the same time, the minimum deposit is $200.
Trading lot with a minimum amount of 0.01 per pair.
MULTU type setting:
The set trades on the EURUSD and GBPUSD pairs. considered optimal.
Minimum amount 300$
Trading lot with a minimum amount of 0.01 per pair
Razgon Type Setting:
Set for overclocking the deposit. It performs well in a volatile market.
Minimum amount 100$
Trading lot with a minimum amount of 0.01
!!! Sets, minimum deposits and recommendations are subject to
change!!! To increase or decrease aggression, you need to change:
➖ Starting lot;
➖ Trailing system;
➖ Disable or enable security features by type of news filter,
trade on Friday, auto-drying, etc.;
➖ To increase profitability, it is possible to expand the temporary trading
The name of setting– a field on the graph for a description of the selected setting, or name
of the adviser or account;
color- Colour “Name of setting”;
working time frame set the time frame on which to trade adviser, TF
will change automatically.
Magic number -magic number of orders opened on the selected pair;
start lot– lot size from which the grid will start, for each type settings,
your volume is selected;
multiplier– multiplier (multiplication factor) of the starting lot;
Step on grid– grid step in pips by5 sign;
General take profit– when the Tral function is disabled, it sets a physical take
profit at the specified distance (5 digits each).
Percentage of profit in drying mode- at what percentage of profit will you
have the grid is fixed when the DRY mode is on
– – – – – – – > Equity take<- – – – – – –
This function allows you to close the grid not upon reaching certain price
values, but upon the % equity specified by you.
Enabling this function disables trailing and physical take.
– – – – – – – > Stop trade <- – – – – – –
This block is responsible for stopping trading when a certain percentage of income is
reached (per day or week).
– – – – – – – > AutoDryer<- – – – – – –
(hours) (minutes) Activation interval –at what interval will it turn on
(hours) (minutes) operating time- how long will the mode work drying.
For example: we specify 4 hours 30 minutes and drying time 1 hour 20 minutes –
this means that every 4 hours 30 minutes the grid drying mode will turn on and
within 1 hour 20 minutes it will try to dry the grid, if it succeeded, for example, in 1
hour, then the adviser will not trade for another 20 minutes, after 1h 20min, the
power-on timer is reset and starts counting again, and the EA starts building a new
– – – – – – – > Trading hours<- – – – – – –
Start time of the main trade– time of the beginning of the main trading cycle;
Time of the end of the main trade– end of the main trading cycle;
On/Off trading on Friday– Enable/Disable trading on Friday – if enabled
OFF then the grid will hang until Monday;
Trading close time Friday- set the time at which drying will turn on on Friday and
the robot will exit the market so as not to transfer positions to Monday;
Use extra timeenable or disable additional trading time with different
from the main cycle settings;
Finish the grig before changing the step- if worth itTrue, then the “additional
step” parameter will be applied only after the previous grid is closed. If it is
False, then the next order opened in the specified range will be opened with
new parameters;
Start time of additional trade / Time of the end- start and end time
additional trade;
The pitch of the additional grid- trading step5 marks in extra time;
– – – – – – – > Dynamic pitch<- – – – – – –
Use dynamic pitch on/off dynamic step;
dynamic pitch length- by what distance to increase the opening of the
following orders after N-number of orders;
Number of orders in one step– number of orders after which it is applied
dynamic step;
– – – – – – – > Trailing stop<- – – – – – –
On/Off function -Enable/Disable Trailing Stop function;
Constant distance from the price distance by5 signs from the price at which the
trailing stop is activated;
trailing distance– distance of the target rearrangement from the price;
– – – – – – – > Auto stop trading <- – – – – – –
This feature allows you to stop trading at a specified drawdown or margin
level. Does not affect locking orders or takes. Stops only setting ordinal grid
– – – – – – – > Locking <- – – – – – –
This block consists of two identical parts.
A lock order (lock) is a trend order that provides you with
additional margin.
You can choose at what drawdown, at what margin level a locking order will
be placed.
Size of lock– the size of the locking order as a percentage of the grid. Those. if you have 100 lots
per buy and 30% is indicated in this paragraph, then you will have an order in the amount of 33
lots per sell.
Lok closes automatically with the main grid.
– – – – – – – > News filter <- – – – – – –
When the filter is on, the time is indicated how many minutes before the news
to start drying the grid and how many minutes after the news the drying will be
active. If nothing is specified in the pair selection item, it means that only news
related to the current pair are shown and processed.
The archive with the advisor contains the Clear.bat file. This file must be
placed in the Files folder, it activates the Terminal Cleanup button.
How to optimize MT4
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Full Item description:
YETTI is an automated trading algorithm, which is a universal scalper that trades on
the m1 timeframe on a number of selected pairs.
The profitability of the algorithm depends on the settings you choose. The average
return on the optimal set is 12-25% per month, on the conservative one 5-15%, on the
aggressive one from 30 to 150% per month.
If during tests or work the robot requires keys, use these:
code – TVRreE1qVT1iVGxNTWxFPU5EUXhNRE00TkRJMw ==
password – YETIGO2021
If the adviser involuntarily closes deals, use the password: YETIGO 2025. Thanks to
the partner for the info.
Yetti EA v1.15.5
Content: Expert: Yetti.ex4, Presets: 61000%god_yetti_250.set,
CrossEURCHF.set, Minor.set, optimal.set, Razgon 150+150.set, YETTI__01.08.20-
12.03.21_M1_ED_Start Balance 8000 End 58900.set, UserGuide: Guide (EN).pdf
Trading is carried out mainly on the EURUSD pair;
A trailing stop system is built in, which can increase risks but also multiply profitability;
It is possible to set up a dynamic step to increase the survivability of the adviser
during a long trend;
Huge functionality and a variety of protective parameters (news filter, partial hedging
of positions, etc.) will allow you to customize the algorithm for any type of trading;
Customizable locker with the ability to select the percentage of locking;
It has many filters for entering positions, several options for tracking and closing
Light, as friendly as possible interface with display of spread, TP lines and trailing
activation lines. Buttons on the panel facilitate navigation and control in busy moments.
Yetti has built-in protection and position recalculation functions, which protects
the EA from a set of extra orders and a failure of the main grid construction cycle
during terminal reboots,
VPS, a long absence of communication between the VPS and the server, prohibition of
opening an order by the broker, and so on.
Trading is conducted on a cent account with the possibility of opening a lot of 0.01
Pro-Cent and five-digit accounts are suitable for trading.
The Expert Advisor that can earn you more!
Numbers and facts speak for themselves.
Robot templates and functions are constantly updated according to current market
realities. Even the most reliable templates lose relevance and have to be updated.
“The market is cyclical, but it never repeats itself”.
Our trading robot is the many competitions champion, the various profitability rankings
leader and has more than 50 awards.
You can trace the Yetti’s development history online and on our website. Join the
successful traders team.
Yetti is a multi-currency Expert Advisor and has the ability to trade on all timeframes,
which allows you to customize it to any trading strategy and instrument. The robot is
optimized for all account types with minimum lot 0.01.
Yetti is an automated trading advisor for Metatrader 4, which is a collaboration of
martingale and scalping. The Expert Advisor works on all available timeframes and is
It comes with a set of proven settings that the user can choose and download without
first diving into the intricacies of trading.
The Expert Advisor profitability depends on the settings you choose:
The average return on the optimum network is 12-25% per month.
On a conservative one 5-15% per month.
On the aggressive one 30% to 150% per month.
The Yetti EA robot Features:
• User-friendly info panel with quick access to function buttons;
• Trailing – Stop use;
• Dynamic order opening step;
• Automatic position locking;
• Numerous filters for entering and following orders.
Yetti Expert Advisor is protected from out-of-trade losses. It has built-in protection and
position recalculation functions, which protects the Expert Advisor from excessive
orders and the main grid building cycle failure during terminal restarts, VPS,
connection long absence between VPS and the server, prohibition of opening an order
by the broker, etc.
Minimal deposit for cent accounts: $150 (lot 0.01)
Minimal deposit for dollar accounts: $15000 (lot 0.1)
200+ active clients
Yetti Expert Advisor is trading in 43 countries
712 days on the market
Has been helping traders to earn over two years
1800% – annual income
Expert Advisor with aggressive trading strategy
56 wins from 70 battles
Yetti Expert Advisor is a multiple award winner on Forex trading robot’s world contests.
Yetti is an Expert Advisor, for which various templates (sets) were developed during
the successful work years. What will you choose?
High-volume and high-yield sets or more conservative?

Set GodSet
designed for the EURUSD pair – average yield per month from 15% to 65% (0.02 lots
on $250) (POPULAR)

Set SilverMoon
designed for XAG pair – average monthly return from 10% to 40% (0.02 lots for $150)
Set Conservation
is designed for EURUSD – average yield per month from 10% to 25%. (0.01 lot for
set for the pair XAUUSD – aggressive set with yield per month from 15% to 75% (0.01
lot for $100)
setup for XAUUSD pair – moderate set with yield per month from 10% to 35% (0.01 lot
for $150)
Set Queen
conservative set for GBPUSD – moderate set with yield per month from 5% to 15%
(0.01lot on $200)
After purchase, you will receive a license key with files and instructions to your email
and myAlpari.
Expert Advisor, file.ex4
Instruction .pdf file
Terminal cleanup file (see instructions)
Current templates for the robot. set

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